What is the setup fee?

The setup fee refers to getting your logo or artwork adapted to our stoneware medallions.

When you order stoneware with a new logo or artwork, we may charge a set-up fee in order to get it adapted for our mugs. The price of this fee varies depending on the type of artwork you send us, as highlighted in our Terms & Conditions.

Vector files: Process ready artwork that you send as vector file (.EPS, .AI or .PDF) will not have a setup fee. There may be a charge should your artwork not be process ready and require additional labor.

Non-vector files or no artwork: If you send your artwork in a non-vector file format or need us to create artwork, we charge a setup fee of up to $200. It takes additional time and labor for us to convert files like JPEG, PNG and GIF formats. 

Our stock artwork: Sunset Hill Stoneware offers a gallery of stock artwork for you to choose from. There is no setup fee for choosing stock artwork

Small batch fee: For orders that are less than 24 pieces, we do charge a $150 small batch order setup fee.

If you reorder using the same artwork you used on a previous stoneware order, we will not charge you the setup fee. If you have any questions about this policy, contact us online or call 800-509-4662.