Some drip lines on the two-tone glazes are different than others. How will I know how deep the top glaze will run?

Each Sunset Hill Stoneware product with multi-tone glazes is slightly different, but we maintain some quality standards for how far our glazes drip.

Due to the nature of how we glaze our multi-toned mugs, some of the drip lines on the stoneware may run a little deeper than others. The depth of the drip lines depends on the specific glaze color and product you choose.

For example, a muti-tone glaze may have a deeper drip line on a Potbelly mug than it would on a Double Barrel stein, due to the differences in shape between the two styles.

Additionally, we inspect our mugs to ensure that they meet our quality standards, including making sure our multi-tone glazes doesn't drip too far down the side of the mug. If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact our customer care team at