What is your pricing?

Our prices vary but start at $14 each plus shipping.

People often message us on Facebook, asking us how much an order of mugs would cost. The truth is, the prices of our products can vary but pieces start at $14.00 each plus shipping. You can get pricing by filling out this form.

There are several factors that go into how much our products cost. One of these include the style you choose: because they're different sizes and have different ounces, a Mid-Day Memories mug is going to initially cost more than an Oktoberstein.

Our various glazes also have different price points depending on which one you want or if you want any specialty glazes or fills in your medallion. Our account specialists can give you more information about the pricing on our glazes.

Artwork is another significant factor into our pricing. New artwork requires a setup fee, which can vary depending on the artwork you send to us. While stock art costs less and certain organizations may pay fixed prices depending on their status as a non-profit organization, the safest way to tell is to get a quote from our customer care team.

Additional pricing factors are considered if you want mugs with two medallions, the quantity of mugs you want to order and shipping costs.