Why does the color of the glaze on the photography look different from what I received?

A few factors go into your stoneware being a slightly different color in photos.

There are several reasons your Sunset Hill Stoneware mugs look different in person compared to how they look in photos. One of the main factors is variance on the color balances of different computer monitors. In turn, the actual stoneware may look slightly different.

On top of all this, Sunset Hill Stoneware uses a high-quality camera and some minimal photo editing to bring out the most vibrant colors of our stoneware. For example, we like to highlight the subtle hints of blue in our Root Beer family of glazes and accentuate the accents of glazes like our Silvery Night and Galaxy Night.

If you have any questions about your stoneware looking different in person compared to photos we've sent you, feel free to contact our customer care team or call us at 800-509-4662 to speak with a customer care specialist.